In-Line Skating Surface

In-Line Skating Surface

“America’s Fastest Growing Sport”

With the exploding popularity of in-line-skating, people are moving off the streets and onto designated skating surfaces.  And as participation in the sport continues to grow, so does the need for a high-performance surface specially formulated to meet the demands of the in-line-skating and hockey.  Today, the surface of choice is “Street Ice“, the hockey surfacing system by Deco Surfacing Systems.

Consistent speed and texture. Specially-selected colors.  Excellent play outdoors.  Long-term durability.  For all these reasons, Street Ice is the ultimate in-line hockey surface.  Formulated for indoor/outdoor play with special high performance acrylic polymers.  Street Ice holds up to aggressive, hard-core play in-line hockey.

Did you know that an in-line skate delivers four times the pressure (pounds per square inch) than the average car tire?  As a result, in-line skating surfaces demand a tougher playing surface.  Street Ice meets the challenge of aggressive, hard-core action.

People, young and old, are looking for places to skate or play hockey. Here’s an idea. How about taking an old tennis court, basketball court, or abandon parking lot that hasn’t seen any action in a long time.  Up grade or convert it into an in-line hockey court. Yes, it can be done with today’s technology.

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