Illowa Investment, Inc. was founded in 1976 by a group of investors, who invested in buying and selling stocks and the leasing of vehicles. With their success in the investments and leasing, and with some of the investors having a strong construction background, Illowa diversified into the pavement maintenance field in 1983, starting out with coal tar sealing of private driveways and commercial parking lots.

Illowa Investment, Inc. has grown steadily since then and sought other opportunities to expand its services. The company added the services of asphalt and concrete crack and joint sealing, asphalt repairs, asphalt paving, new asphalt construction, geotextile fabrics and tennis court recoating.

“Quality and Service” sums up our approach to every project regardless of size. We take pride in our work and are challenged to view each project through the eyes of the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

Today, Illowa Investment, Inc. is perceived by people in the market place as a leader in asphalt and pavement maintenance. Our team of employees is the number one asset of the company.